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Lebron James’ versatility is shown in this leading scorers by distance chart

Lebron James’ versatility is shown in this leading scorers by distance chart

Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players ever. One of his best attributes is that he is very flexible, thanks to his well-rounded skill set. While he was always known as a beast inside the paint, we tend to overlook his jumpers. This chart may remind us of how complete of a player Lebron is.

The chart shows the leading scorer by distance for the last 25 years. Already we notice many legends and rising stars. We see Steph, Lillard, Allen, and Trae Young dominating beyond the arc.

It is surprising Young is already on such a list despite only playing four years in the NBA. We see Kobe and Dirk flourishing in the mid-range era. We also see big men like Shaq and Duncan dominating near the basket. But one player stood out from the rest.

We see Lebron James leading all scorers from two very different distances. He is the leading scorer 1-4 feet under the basket and 22-23 feet from the basket close to the three-point arc.


Only Kevin Garnett, a well-known versatile big man, shows a similar attribute to Lebron. But Lebron dominated under the basket and at mid-range, very close to being a three-pointer.

Being the third-highest scorer in NBA history, Lebron did not only rely on one shot; he is the whole package. Not only could he throw down vicious dunks, but he could also shoot as well as anybody. He led inside the paint between Shaq and Duncan and at mid-range between Allen and Garnett.

Going into his 37th season, Lebron James is still playing with a chip on his shoulder. Now he has improved three-point shooting and a more strategic play style. We may very well see more of Lebron on this chart in the future.