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Looking ahead to what’s next for Tyron Woodley after Jake Paul loss

Looking ahead to what's next for Tyron Woodley after Jake Paul loss


What’s next for Tyron Woodley after losing his boxing debut to Jake Paul?

Tyron Woodley’s boxing debut didn’t exactly go according to plan, as he lost a split decision to the controversial YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul. Woodley was disappointed with the loss, after weeks and months of back-and-forth with Paul both in-person and on social media.

Woodley made his transition from boxing to MMA after a long and successful career in the UFC. He won the welterweight championship over Robbie Lawler back at UFC 201, defended the title five times, and is widely regarded as one of the best welterweights in MMA history.

The 39-year-old Woodley has plenty of options despite the unfortunate result in his boxing debut against Paul, including the rematch as well as leaving combat sports entirely.


Let’s look ahead at what could be next for Woodley.

Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul 2

The option that Woodley more than likely wants is an immediate rematch with Paul; after reiterating that he felt he won the fight during his post-fight press conference. While one can make the case that Woodley landed the more damaging shots, Paul was easily the more active fighter especially in the later rounds of the bout.

Paul and Woodley came to a loosely-made verbal agreement on an immediate rematch during their post-fight ring interview with Ariel Helwani.  Woodley also seemed like someone who wanted to focus on boxing going forward during the buildup to the fight.

After hosting a sold-out crowd in Cleveland, OH, a rematch would more than likely be a huge money-making opportunity for both men as well.

Tyron Woodley could retire and pursue other ventures

Woodley has now lost five fights in a row over his career in MMA and boxing. It’s not exactly a secret that Woodley is in the final stages of his athletic tenure, and could conceivably call it quits and focus on his buzzing music and broadcasting careers.


Woodley has experience as a UFC analyst, providing commentary for UFC Fight Night cards and showcasing his knowledge of the sport as a whole. He also produces music and most recently released a new single entitled “Let’s go big” that has trended nicely on YouTube.

If Woodley wants to preserve his health and enjoy his outlets away from combat sports, he has plenty to keep him busy.

Tyron Woodley could wrap up his career in MMA

If the Paul rematch doesn’t come to fruition, Woodley could sign a short-term contract with another MMA promotion. UFC president Dana White more than likely wouldn’t bring him back to the UFC on a new deal, after losing his last four MMA bouts and having a contentious relationship with the promotion’s head man.

But, an interesting fit could be a move to the PFL, which is in the process of wrapping up another successful season featuring former UFC standouts such as Anthony Pettis and Fabricio Werdum.  Woodley could also sign with Bellator; which would provide more flexibility and would allow him to fight at a more natural weight class.

Woodley also has a strong relationship with Showtime stemming from his days competing in Strikeforce, which is Bellator’s former designation and is currently the broadcasting partner for the promotion.


Woodley hasn’t flat-out denied a potential return to MMA down the line and could sign with a smaller promotion and then end his career in a more familiar sport.