Marlon Humphrey threw away an easy interception while celebrating

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey had no idea he could have had an interception against the Raiders while he was celebrating.

Marlon Humphrey is going to look back at Monday night’s game against the Raiders with regret. His team may win, but when he gets a look at the interception that almost was, he’ll have a good reason to face palm.

At the end of the first quarter, Humphrey broke up a pass to prevent a third-down conversion. What he didn’t realize is the ball got pinned between him and the receiver. If he had just picked it up, he would have picked it off.

Marlon Humphrey totally missed an easy interception

Humphrey had a reason to celebrate. He’ll just kick himself when he realizes that interception was there for the taking.

In his defense, it would have been tough to realize the ball stayed up the way it did. That’s a tough one be aware of.

The good news is it didn’t really cost the Ravens. The Raiders faced a fourth down either way and punted.

Humphrey only had one interception last season, so he could have matched his 2020 total in one game. He had three interceptions during his All-Pro season in 2019.

It’s safe to say he’ll have plenty more opportunities to add to that critical stat going forward. In the end, he did his job by making sure the pass fell incomplete. He’ll need to keep doing that as the season progresses.

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