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Matt Ryan talks 17th game and two underrated Falcons teammates

Matt Ryan talks 17th game and two underrated Falcons teammates


Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan can’t wait for the 2021 season to get underway and he didn’t hesitate in naming two teammates who he feels deserve way more love. 

For the first time in his career, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is going to have to get used to suiting up for an extra game. That doesn’t matter much to the veteran signal-caller, as he’s going to put on his cleats and hit the gridiron with the same mentality he’s always had: work hard and make plays.

With the 2021 campaign right around the corner, Ryan joined FanSided’s NFL podcast Stacking The Box to discuss several topics, of course including the 17th game being added to the schedule. So, how does Ryan feel about things?

Matt Ryan could care less with the fact that he’s got to play one more game this season

“The statistics part of it, it doesn’t really matter,” Ryan said when asked about playing an extra game this year. “I think indifferent is probably the right word to say. I don’t know if that’s the perfect way to describe it, but it’s what our schedule is this year.


“Not that I necessarily agreed with it to start – I thought 16 was fine, but you know it wasn’t my call to make. They put a 17th on there and it gives us another chance to go out there and cut it loose and play. You have to prepare yourself for the long haul.”

As you can see, Ryan isn’t going to let the schedule change get in his mind. Right now, his focus is on making sure the team is ready to rock for the Sept. 12 showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles to open up the season.

With the team working overtime in practice to get ready for that season-opener, multiple teammates continue to turn Ryan’s head. With that said, Ryan decided to show love to a pair of offensive linemen when asked who is a bit on the underrated side: tackle Jake Matthews and guard Chris Lindstrom.

“You look at Jake Matthews who’s been so consistent for a long time for us,” Ryan said. “He’s a guy you can count on week in and week out. He’s a technician, excellent technique. He’s tough. He’s available every week and he plays well for us every week and he goes up against great players in division every week. He consistently plays well.”


Ryan also had glowing things to say about Lindstrom. The 6-foot-3, 307-pounder is entering his third season with the Falcons. Last campaign, he started all 16 games for the squad.

“I think he’s improved tremendously since he’s been here,” Ryan said of Lindstrom. “I think he’s a tough player. He plays with great effort and he’s a guy – those positions at the guard spots, you don’t usually get a lot of love, but he’s a guy I think who people should take note of. He’s a really good player.”

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