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Mike Zimmer’s latest quote on Kirk Cousins is hilariously cringe

Mike Zimmer's latest quote on Kirk Cousins is hilariously cringe


Mike Zimmer Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins watched film for the first time together this week. Then the head coach dropped a cringe line.


It’s painfully obvious Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and quarterback Kirk Cousins aren’t exactly best buds.

They’re watching tape together now, though, which isn’t the worst thing in the world for Minnesota’s offense.

You could ask the question why it took until the Wednesday before the start of their fourth season together for that to happen.

You could ask even more questions about how Zimmer chose to answer a question about Cousins wanting more autonomy on offense.


“I think he does, yeah. I think he’s got opinions on a lot of things, yeah,” Zimmer said.

Vikings: Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins are in a make or break year

Zimmer’s comments sound a lot like a father nodding along to a kid’s ideas, knowing their suggestion are never going to happen. The only thing missing was a “bless your heart.”

Cousins may want autonomy, but Zimmer doesn’t sound like he’s rushing to give it to him.

The Vikings are in an interesting spot. They’re coming off a 7-9 season and clearly need to be more competitive in 2021 if the coach or quarterback wants to extend their future with Minnesota. Cousins is under contract until 2022, but his relationship with Zimmer is a continual talking point.


Zimmer has made it to the playoffs three times in seven years but hasn’t followed any of those campaigns up with similar success. If the pattern holds, he’ll make the playoffs this year.