New York newspapers showed Javy Baez, Mets no mercy for thumbgate


The local papers over in New York City are slamming the Mets players for the team’s new ‘thumbs down’ celebration which has so many people turning on Javy Baez. 

All hell has broken loose in New York, as Mets infielder Javier Baez has basically turned countless fans against him. The stud player revealed that the thumbs down celebration being showcased is a shot at the club’s supporters who have been booing the team as a whole.

Why in the world would Baez admit to doing something as a sign of disrespect for the folks who pack Citi Field? It makes no sense at all. As you might have been able to guess, the newspapers in the Big Apple are having a field day at the team and Baez’s expense.

Javy Baez has created quite the soap opera all over New York City with the thumbs down celebration

You just knew the New York Post was going to go ham on Baez and the Mets. This is New York we’re talking about here, a city that has some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the world. When it comes to the Mets, people all over Queens live and die emotionally with how this team performs.

The thought of a superstar player, who was just traded to town mind you, openly disrespecting them is so strange to see. While we understand Baez and his teammates not wanting to hear boos by fans, that’s also part of the game. If the Mets struggle, the fanbase is going to let them hear about it.

How many times have we seen Giancarlo Stanton hear the boo birds over in the Bronx in recent years? Is he doing a thumbs down in return? No chance. This better be a big eye-opener for Baez. He should retire the thumbs down move too.

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