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NFL fans freak out after Steelers finally pay TJ Watt what he’s worth

NFL fans freak out after Steelers finally pay TJ Watt what he's worth


The Pittsburgh Steelers are finally paying TJ Watt what he deserves, and fans are freaking out across the country.

Watt is among the best defensive players in the NFL — the best, if we’re talking to anyone in the state of Pennsylvania — and the Steelers finally paid him like one.

Per Ian Rapoport, “The Steelers and star pass-rusher TJ Watt have a mega-deal. He’s going to sign a 4-year extension worth more than $112M — $28.003M average per year — with $80M fully guaranteed at signing. The highest paid defensive player in football.”

After a complicated negotiation process, Watt is taking home the bag and more. The Steelers finally broke their standard of not giving many players guaranteed money.


Pittsburgh Steelers: Fans and media react to TJ Watt’s contract

Watt deserves every bit of the contract he was given, and fans couldn’t agree more.

Heck, even his teammates are happy for him.


Watt’s contract standoff with Pittsburgh went throughout training camp, although the Wisconsin product still participated in some drills. In classic Watt fashion, he went about his business quietly until the very end, when chatter was unavoidable.

Eventually, the Steelers’ and Watt met in the middle, with Pittsburgh’s negotiation tactics questionable at best, as their defense relies so heavily on Watt and the pass rush.

Finally, Watt should be good to go for Sunday in Buffalo, and all in Pittsburgh can finally just focus on football.