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NFL released Ed Sheeran gear and it’s absolutely horrendous

NFL released Ed Sheeran gear and it's absolutely horrendous


Ed Sheeran is performing at the NFL’s 2021 season kickoff concern, so they dropped a bunch of merch that makes very little sense to anyone.


We live in an era of corporate partnerships, the kind that gives recording artists signature meals at fast-food restaurants.

Despite that, was anyone truly prepare for the NFL to drop a merch line for Ed Sheeran?

They did it and it’s mind-blowingly bad.

This isn’t a Sheeran cameo in Game of Thrones. These are t-shirts, hats and jackets with a big, bold “SHEERAN” sitting above the NFL shield. And they’re selling said jackets for $249.99 and those shirts for $49.99.

If you’re asking “why?” or “who asked for this?” or “who is this for?” you are not alone.


Ed Sheeran is performing at the NFL 2021 season kickoff concert

Sheeran is the main act for the NFL’s kickoff concert, so there is a connection. It’s just not clear why anyone would want to commemorate that concern with a $50 shirt. Who knows, maybe the crossover between Sheeran fans and the gridiron is broader than it might seem.

The Bucs and Cowboys will face off on Thursday night in the opening game of the 2021 season, which Sheeran will help usher in.