Social media pokes fun at (fake) high school, who’s scheduled to play Duncanville


Ready for the wildest story of 2021?

Bishop Sycamore High School located in Columbus, Ohio (we think) played national powerhouse IMG Academy (FL) on Sunday and was televised on ESPN.

IMG won 58-0.

How could a nationally televised game be so bad?

Well, on Monday, it was discovered that Bishop Sycamore was a fake high school and tricked ESPN to televise its game. The Centurions, apparently their mascot, lied about the number of Division 1 recruits on their team.

Andrew Ivins from 247Sports said on Twitter, “They played a defender on Sunday that’s originally a 2020 from Florida. Kid has reported over two dozen fake offers. Showed up once to a 7v7 tryout and used a fake ID. His HUDL is also fake. Amazing.”

Now if you type in their address, you’ll get Franklin University Library in Columbus.

So it appears that Bishop Sycamore is an online school and isn’t even affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association. BS, which is a good abbreviation at this point, also played on Friday, making it two games in three days.

Like who does that?

Well, it was also a blowout, 38-0, to Hoban High out of Akron. The Centurions were so bad last season as well that they went 0-6 and were outscored 227-42.

If they continue to play out the season, the Centurions are scheduled to travel to Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia and Texas, where they’ll play state powerhouse Duncanville on Sept. 10.

But will the Panthers keep them on their schedule?

Of course, social media had to poke a little fun at Bishop Sycamore’s expense. Former NFL punter, Pat McAfee offered up his services if needed. Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite is ready to play QB too.

And remember Manti Te’o’s girlfriend? Guess she went to Bishop Sycamore.

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