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The Drive to 300 Yards: Breaking 90 and a Canadian Open course preview – National

The Drive to 300 Yards: Breaking 90 and a Canadian Open course preview - National


At the end of last month’s post, I mentioned that my non-driver-related golf goal for the end of the season is to break 90.

I figured there was a small chance I’d be able to flirt with 90 once, if all of the stars in my golf game aligned — I never expected to actually break 90 for the first time before the end of August.

And that’s exactly what I was able to do at Saugeen Golf Club in Port Elgin, Ont. I shot an 87 on a par 72. It’s the first time I’ve ever played better than bogey golf. I even triple-bogeyed the first hole, but I was able to get my round back on track, when, in the past, my score would have easily been over 100 with a poor start like that.


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When I entered my score into the Golf Canada app to track my handicap, it adjusted my score from a +15 to a +16, taking into account the relative difficulty of the course and the tee I played from.


The app does that for every round you play. For example, I played two other rounds at different courses and shot 96 and 91, but my adjusted score was +21 for both. It’s a cool way to keep track of your progress consistently across different courses.

That round also proved lucrative in another way. I’m in a bet with five members of Saugeen Golf Club, all of whom are better players than me (going INTO this season anyway).

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They are L.E., Kiwi, Dino, Jimmy D, and Jimmer, and their handicaps range from 6 to 15. At the start of the summer, before I had even broken 100, I bet each of them that I could beat them straight up in a stroke play match, once, before June 2025. We didn’t have to play in the same pairing, but we had to play the same course on the same day.


The stakes: Each player I beat before the deadline, they would owe me a case of beer after I won. Each player that I couldn’t beat would get a case of beer from me in June 2025.

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I wasn’t expecting to get anyone this year, but when I shot 87, Dino and Jimmer had teed off two hours before I did. They both shot 88. I needed a bogey on the 18th hole to beat them and I did exactly that.

Let me tell you: that victory beer has never tasted so good.


Two down, three to go.

And three yards to go to 300 after my coach, Stew Bannatyne, from Modern Golf, made a couple of small tweaks to my driver swing that led to some big improvements in the video above.

I’m using my driver a little more on course now as my confidence improves and I’m hoping we cross the 300-yard barrier at some point this month!

Mike Arsenault is a Digital Broadcast Journalist and a host of Global News Weekend.


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