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Tim Tebow Will Be A Regular On ESPN Programming This Fall

Tim Tebow Will Be A Regular On ESPN Programming This Fall


Tim Tebow #85 of the Jacksonville Jaguars participates in drills during Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp at TIAA Bank Field on June 15, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida.
(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)


Tim Tebow has to be one of the best ever at finding work, no matter the field or necessary qualifications.

He went from the NFL, to broadcasting, to baseball, and back to football again.

The 34-year-old was most recently cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars, freeing up his schedule for the fall.

He has already found a new gig, and one where he will be sending out plenty of hot takes on a weekly basis.


He has now been added to Stephen A. Smith’s debate schedule, which is a bizarre sentence in so many different ways.

Oh, Michael Irvin will be joining the debate list too.



Turning The Tables

ESPN, and Smith, have spent years obsessing over Tebow and talking about him nonstop.

There was even a point in time when it was unbearable to watch ESPN programming because of all the Tebow talk.

Some would still say it is unbearable but for different reasons.

Tebow is now turning the tables in the sense that he will be handing out all the takes on every single topic, which is what Smith’s job seems to be at the network.


If there is someone to obsess over, Tebow will be around every single Friday to engage in the shenanigans.

While some sports fans may loathe this decision, Tebow remains a big draw and is likely getting a nice payday for this weekly gig.


Not Going Anywhere

It seems obvious at this point that Tebow is going to be a fixture in the sports media world for years to come.

He is charismatic, knows the game, and has a huge following.


That makes him a golden goose for media companies, especially ESPN considering the network geared coverage toward him so often.

He may even end up with a prominent announcing job one day once he gets more time in the business.

This is just inevitable given the opportunities he keeps getting.

For now, he will get his broadcasting feet wet again yelling across a table at Stephen A.


What will Smith do if Tebow does not engage him with the same energy?

Even for the haters, the first show together will be must-watch television.