Tom Brady throws epic shade at Titans’ Mike Vrabel

Tom Brady has no problem throwing his former teammate Mike Vrabel under the bus.

They may have won Super Bowls together while with the New England Patriots, but Tom Brady has no issues throwing some epic shade Mike Vrabel‘s way.

When asked about the Tennessee Titans head coach, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said Vrabel is “kind of an a*****e when you get to know him.” He made a comment about the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry and says that he has really declined physically since hanging up the spikes. This is all tongue-in-cheek of course, but Brady once again delivered some comedic gold.

If only the Buccaneers played the Titans this year in a game that counted for something…

Tom Brady throws some hilarious shade Mike Vrabel’s way

You have to love that Brady has no chill whatsoever anymore. When you are The GOAT, you can pretty much say and do whatever you want without consequences. Frankly, we have not seen a middle-aged person lean into his comedic skills quite like this since Rodney Dangerfield. Unlike Dangerfield, we do give Brady his respect, even though he clearly has none for Vrabel these days.

This is the kind of video content we can never get enough out of Brady, if we are being honest.

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