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Twitter is already freaking out about Dak Prescott’s arm strength

Twitter is already freaking out about Dak Prescott's arm strength


NFL Twitter wasn’t certain about Dak Prescott’s arm strength in his return to action for the Dallas Cowboys against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


The long-awaited return of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott sparked disagreement on social media. Is Dak back? That’s the big question.

Prescott came out swinging against the Buccaneers with a 28-yard completion to Amari Cooper to open his night. It was as good a first pass as Dallas could have asked for.

Despite the bright start, it quickly became clear Prescott’s arm strength might not be what it once was. Twitter certainly noticed.

Dak Prescott’s arm strength didn’t look right in the opener

That’s not to say everyone was skeptical of Prescott’s arm strength. There was an entirely different side of Twitter praising the quarterback for a sharp return.


This might be a Rorschach test. It might also simply reflect what exactly people are looking for.

It’s possible for Prescott to look free of rust while also being incapable of slinging it to the degree he could in the past. Accuracy and arm strength are two different categories. The greats are able to blend the two.

A true judgment of Prescott’s arm strength will have to wait until he has a couple of games under his belt. He hasn’t played football in almost a year and he’s dealt with a shoulder problem this summer.