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“When I signed, Leo had nothing signed”

Lionel Messi left Barcelona earlier this summer.


Sergio Aguero has denied rumours suggesting that he has a release clause at Barcelona which relates to Lionel Messi’s departure from the club.

The striker was thought to have agreed to join Barcelona to link up with his compatriot. But with Messi leaving the club, it was widely reported that Aguero could follow suit as well.

Speaking to RAC1, though, Sergio Aguero quashed such perceptions, saying:

“I don’t understand why there was talk of this. When I signed, Leo had nothing signed. They were coming to an agreement. It was invented that there was a clause, but there was nothing.”

Aguero was also asked why he chose to join Barcelona if Lionel Messi was not the reason. He said:


“I told my representative that I didn’t care about money. That I wanted to come to Barcelona. Any player wants to come to Barça. There are many players who would be willing to charge less to be able to play with Barca, knowing how the club’s economy is.”

The Barcelona man was then asked about the potential prospect of facing Lionel Messi in the Champions League. Aguero said he would like to face his compatriot, although it would not be an easy task:

“I’ve already faced Messi, but it would be very nice. Now … we know that when Leo turns on the light, it’s impossible to stop him,” said Aguero.

Aguero is currently a long-term absentee for Barcelona after he picked up a calf injury last month. The Argentine is expected to return to action at the end of October.

“Barcelona have plenty of players to cover it up” – Sergio Aguero confident of Barcelona doing well despite Lionel Messi’s departure

Sergio Aguero is currently sidelined due to injury.
Sergio Aguero is currently sidelined due to injury.

Barcelona saw both Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann depart during the transfer window. Sergio Aguero, though, explained that their departures might not adversely affect the team during the 2021-22 season, as the club has a lot of ‘good players’.

“We have very good players. Those who have left are important, but even so Barca have plenty of players to cover it up,” explained Aguero.

Regarding his expectations for the 2021-22 season, Sergio Aguero said:


“I don’t set numbers (of goals). All I want at the end of the season is to win titles. In the end, it’s important to win any title here. Just because we are Barca, we have to fight for all the titles. I don’t think we are the favorites for the Champions League, but our rivals have respect for us.”