Where is the Golden Cube in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Fortnite’s Season 8 is officially underway, and traces of Season 7 are already littering the map for players to explore. After the Operation Sky Fire live event that concluded the alien invasion season over the summer, several cubes started to make their debut into the game, including a mysterious Blue Cube that resembles Kevin but with a different name.

A Golden Cube now catches the attention of eager Fortnite players and differs from Kevin or any other variants. Some think of it as Kevin’s Queen or something different altogether, but it’s going to play a big part of Season 8 regardless.

The Golden Cube’s location in Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 8

While there are several large Purple Cubes all over the map as of now, there’s only one giant Golden Cube that stands alone somewhere wedged into the grass. Many objects like the Golden Cube have tended to move around in the past, but for now, it can be found just outside of Holly Hedges to the east.

The Golden Cube is resting in a field next to a few trees not too far away from one of the fragments from the exploded Mothership from Season 7. It appears to hold the same properties as it bounces players off when jumped on.

Epic Games hasn’t released where the Golden Cube will be after it’s done idling outside of Holly Hedges, and its location likely won’t be revealed at all until it moves. Other Cubes around the map may give hints as to what all of these cubes will do and if they are a continuation of the alien storyline.

Since some people call the Golden Cube the Queen Cube, it could easily pair with Kevin the Cube and be his counterpart. Strange things came to Fortnite when Kevin made his appearance, so having dozens of copies along with the Golden Cube is sure to bring some funky interactions as well as a possible live event.

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